About Us

Management Profile

→ Mr. Hemang Patel (Mg. Partner)
→ Mr. Hemal Patel (Mg. Partner)
→ Mr. Tanmay Lashkari (Mg. Partner)
→ Mrs. Hemangini H Patel (Mg. Partner)


By the virtue of humanitarianism, which the group strongly believes in, the Group constantly strives and works for the betterment of the human society in the form of the various products and projects launched by them which aim at providing a better life for one and all.


The Group aspires to be the leader in all areas of operation, aiming at offering better services and customer satisfaction. To achieve this goal, the group firmly believes in positivism, dynamism, triumph and elation which guide the group's core activities. The core values of the group are team work, efficiency and commitment for customer satisfaction which has lead the Group to their present success.

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